Our Success

Our success is a result of our partnership philosophy where we are active and hands-on investors, working closely with both shareholders and the management team to realise a businesses’s potential.

Our team members have played key roles in a number of highly successful private equity investments in Australia, New Zealand and the US. Our expertise includes successfully growing and selling significant businesses, and operating at senior board and management leadership positions in companies throughout Australia and New Zealand across a broad range of industries and situations.

Areas where Mercury contributes to the
growth of our investee companies include:

Direction Setting

Facilitation and development of growth strategies and short term business plans to increase focus on key opportunities and support growth.

Capability and Capacity Building

Enhancing reporting processes to improve monitoring and decision making, developing the senior management team including attracting and hiring key executives and developing performance orientated alignment.

Business Development

Strengthening the business development function to identify the most prospective growth options, increase the velocity and size of the sales pipeline through traditional and digital channels, and lifting sales conversion rates.

Technology Enablement

Implementation and leveraging of data resources, information technologies and the internet and mobile channels to improve efficiency, support revenue generation and improve engagement with consumers.

Growth Initiatives

Support the development of new product and service offerings, assessing new market entry, negotiating JVs and partnerships and executing acquisitions.

Capital Management

Raising debt facilities, restructurings, tax planning and management. Assistance in implementing and realising value creation strategies in portfolio investments.